Squaredle Beta

What is Squaredle Beta?

Squaredle Beta is where new Squaredle features and fixes start first.

To access Squaredle Beta, update your bookmarks to squaredle.app/beta.

If you launch the regular site and you're part of the beta, you'll receive a pop-up asking if you want to continue to the beta site.

How can I tell when I'm using the beta?

Check the Settings menu in Squaredle, or see if the version number in the lower left ends with "beta".

What is the preview puzzle?

The puzzle piece icon in the top left of Squaredle shows up when a beta puzzle is available. Click it to switch between the preview puzzle and the regular daily puzzle.

The preview puzzle is a sneak peek of a future daily puzzle. It's usually released about once per week. Please try them out and leave feedback! That helps me gauge how difficult the puzzle is (what rating it should have, and what day of the week it belongs in.)

Sometimes the preview puzzle has new features I'm experimenting with.

How do I leave feedback?

Same as in regular Squaredle -- tap the question mark icon in the top right and open the Feedback tab.

Please send regular feedback, bugs and suggestions!

Where can I discuss Squaredle Beta?

Join the Squaredle Discord and private message "Squaredle" to get access to the beta discussion channel.

Can I share Squaredle Beta with my friends?

Please don't share details about experimental features or screenshots of the preview puzzle.

If you know someone who's interested in joining the beta, they can launch the About page, tap "Contribute", and submit their email address for the wait list.

How do I leave or rejoin the beta?

If you're having problems with the beta site, please send feedback!

If you want to temporarily leave the beta, simply opt out in Settings.

You can always opt back in later.

Thanks for beta testing!